Our new crew of bloggers.  We are very proud to announce our new team member; Sam Egerton-Kemp who is 22 and a chef. 

My name is Sam and I am Deaf and proud of it. I was born deaf in both ears and have a hearing aid in my left ear and a cochlear implant in my right ear.

When I was born, I had 2 hearing aids and grew up with them and every day, it was hard to live life with them in. Sometimes I felt that I was like an alien to the planet because  my school had never seen a deaf person before and they usually stared at me when I walked past. Awkward…!!

I grew up with the slow change of hearing aid technology from the FMGenie microphone used at school to my ComfortAudio used in college! I will explain more about those in a future posts ! 

I had access to a TOD (Teacher of the Deaf) when I was going up through school. I  was blessed by their help and support throughout the years. They supported me so much that,  they helped me be the man I am today.

When I was 11, I had a further loss of hearing in my right ear and I needed to have a major operation on it. It wasn’t a life changing operation but it gave me a second chance to hear some sounds again.

I grew up with my mother and grandfather who taught me how to cook homemade meals and I grew up around food.  I am a massive dog lover and have my own cockapoo who I am training to be my assistance dog!

So that’s me. Simple.

Please add your email address to never miss a blog I post and follow my social media tags! @DeafChefOfficial – Instagram & @DeafChefSam – Twitter

Food is my passion and is what drives me every day. A meal comes from a few simple ingredients but passion comes from the heart.


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