There is no time to lose. We believe that Deaf people should have world class access to justice; that is why Clarion UK’s 264 legal BSL/English interpreters and Communication Professionals are working tirelessly to deliver our specialist services day and night across the UK. 85-130 Deaf people per day can now access information at work, at hospital, in court and wherever they need through Clarion UK services.

There is much to do to level the playing field for Deaf people and we know quality and being fleet of foot is of the essence. We are committed to supporting the UK Justice Sector to maintain its position as the best in the world, with equality of access for all at the forefront. Deaf people in Britain deserve the finest possible services when they access Justice and we are committed to providing it.


All our BSL/English interpreters and Communication Professionals are NRCPD registered or equivalent with at least 2+ years post-qualification experience. They have been through a stringent vetting and onboarding process to ensure they are cleared to work in the secure environments. If you require security clearance at levels including Counter Terrorism Checks, Security Checks and Developed Vetting we are the company to come to. 

How we work?

Clarion UK are experts within the field BSL Interpreting and at providing high quality services to Deaf people. This domain requires professionals with specialist, technical training and skills who take one route to market, up to £31,000 to train and 10 years to achieve registration. As a high achieving organisation, we have earned a reputation for excellence in all that we do. We understand your issues and concerns, we understand how you too strive for excellence, we are passionate that British Sign Language is not “just another language”, but that it does in fact link with a whole range of disability and equality issues which must not be ignored. This level of understanding by well-respected, high profile individuals within our industry places us in the position to not only offer excellent teams, but also means that BSL Interpreters actively seek to be engaged by an organisation that understand both them and the Deaf community they serve.

We work in teams and our approach is one of consistency, clarity and quality. Our new training programmes have been developed in partnership with the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) and is one that guarantees an excellent service across the whole of the UK.

Who trusts us?

Clarion UK, in partnership with the MoJ are the sole supplier to all UK courts, Probation, Crown Prosecution Services, Tribunals and Prison services. We also work with CAFCASS, Victim Support, the Police, Barristers, Solicitors, corporate legal teams and in-house counsels.j

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