At Clarion UK we support over 900 students from across the country who have specific learning disabilities, mental health issues and sensory impairments. We work with a network of professional partners we give students the tools they need in order to reach their full potential.

We recently visited a student, Sam from Nottingham Trent University to catch up after her graduation.  She had been diagnosed with dyslexia during her time at university and was referred to Clarion UK. In this video we find out;  

  • what it is like being diagnosed,
  • how dyslexia can affect your family
  • techniques you can learn from the support provided and
  • what achievement and success feels like for Sam.  

Sam aims to inspire other people to seek support when they feel it is needed and to feel empowered doing so.

She was matched with a Specialist Study Skills tutor, Amanda, who helped her to gain the skills she needed to process information in more effective ways. In doing so, Amanda helped Sam not only to achieve great things in her academic life, but also to be a more confident individual.

Watch the video below:

“Today I’m graduating, I’m a graduate and I don’t think I would’ve got there without the support I have received.”

It is always great to see where our students are now and hear about the progress they have made. Listening to Sam and hearing how the right support can have such an impact is what inspires us every day.

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