Becoming a Disability Confident Employer

The Disability Confident scheme is run by the government and helps employers to develop and showcase their commitment to accessibility and inclusion. As Disability confident leaders Clarion UK are able to assist you on your journey to becoming Disability Confident. 

Why Disability Confidence?

We want every organisation to provide working environments where every individual feels included. Have the right tools and advice to accommodate the needs of disabled people and allow those with disabilities to have a positive experience of the workplace. 

We are able to support your organisation through expertise and lived experience. We specialise in inclusion for Deaf individuals and can assist with applications and self assessment forms to help you along your Disability Confident journey. 

How does it work? 

There are three stages of Disability Confidence; Committed, Employer and Leader. 

Level 1 status ‘committed’: 

In order to be recognised as Disability Confident Committed you will need to agree to the Disability Confident commitments and highlight at least one action that you will complete within your organisation to make a difference for disabled people.

How can we help you get there?

You can get in touch with one of the team who can talk you through this stage of the process or read our guide on becoming Disability Confident. We will help you to identify potential improvements to the working environment and policies. 

Level 2 status ‘Employer’:

To achieve level two status you will need to complete a self assessment form which will help you to further identify any changes that may need to be made within your organisation. These are grouped into two key areas. 

How can we help you get there?

We are able to provide you with remote support both over the phone and via email. This will include a review of your self assessment, advice when you need it on the best practices and help evidencing the work you are doing. We will also help you to validate your self assessment and suggest possible improvements. 

Level 3 ‘Leader’:

Achieving level 3 status allows you to champion accessibility and inclusion. You will be displaying to both your stakeholders and potential employees that you are leading the way on Disability Confidence and helping others to achieve this status too. 

How can we help you get there?

At this level we offer in-person support to analyse your position this will include talking to staff members to gauge commitment as well as suggesting ways in which you can improve. We will take you through each stage drawing on lived experiences as well as our industry expertise helping you to achieve this level. 

For more information about the Disability Confidence Scheme and how we can help you get in touch with the team today, you can call the team on 01763 209001 or fill out the form below. 

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