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About our Remote Speech to Text Reporting service

Here at Clarion UK we have been developing our Remote Speech to Text Reporting service with help from our dedicated and experienced team. The Remote STTR service is designed to help anyone who is hard of hearing to connect and engage conveniently and discreetly when in an environment that involves speech. For example, during a one-to-one review, a small meeting or large event with hearing colleagues.

How does it work?

If a hard of hearing customer requires this service, one of our reporters will give them a call. The customer will be asked to open the text viewing software on a laptop or tablet. Through this software our reporter can type a live stream of what is being said in real time.

We asked one of our new customers who works in finance some questions about how they found the service…

In what context do you use the Remote STTR service?

I use the remote STTR service for small meetings at work (less than 10 people). I have a personal laptop and we use a conference phone in the meeting rooms. I find that this is more than acceptable in picking up the audio feed for the reporter.

How did you find the set-up process?

Incredibly simple!! I am not a techie person by any means, but it was literally clicking on a weblink that the reporter sent me prior to the meeting and answering a telephone call. The reporter explained that I could amend the size / colour of the text received and highlighted some basic functions.

Did you have any difficulties with the service being remote?

None whatsoever, it was perfect. All the text was captured and nothing was missed.

Why is the service beneficial to you?

It made me feel a lot more confident in the meeting and I didn’t feel like I ‘stuck’ out so much. I was the same as everyone else, sat with a laptop in front of me. It was more economical time wise, as I didn’t have to meet a reporter in reception, wait for them to set up/dismantle and then escort them from the building. I felt more professional and more in control.

How do you find the technology, is it easy to use?

Extremely easy. I was really worried the night before the meeting because I thought it was going to be really complicated and I was going to look silly in front of my work colleagues if I did not get the IT aspects working. All I had to do was click on a hyperlink and provide a telephone number for the reporter to call.

How accurate and easy to understand would you say the text responses are?

The responses were perfect – we use a lot of acronyms and the reporter did not miss one during the whole meeting. I felt genuinely included in the meeting and confident that everything was being captured. I did not have to ask the reporter to clarify any of her typing comments.

Overall would you recommend the remote STTR service?

I would 100% recommend the service. It felt a lot more natural and I felt so much more confident without someone sat next to me typing. I felt like I belonged more and didn’t stick out as the deaf person as much. I will definitely be using the service again and Access to Work are more than happy to cover the costs involved. It does actually work out cheaper because there is not travelling fees involved.


If you would like to find out how we can help you, please get in touch with us at office@clarion-uk.com or see our website https://clarionuk.thunderboltdev1.uk/services/language/for further information.

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