Clarion UK: Employment has been working continuously throughout Lockdown with British sign language users in London. Our CEC, Wesley Nolan interviewed Anna recently and here is her story.

Our good news story today is about a bright therapeutic radiology graduate who is hard of hearing. We interviewed Anna when she was moving into her new flat in London, looking for employment linked to her degree, and  waiting for a confirmation of registration with a relevant professional body to practice hospital radiology.

Anna faced challenges both as a radiation oncology student and in her placement year equally. During her placement work, Anna informed colleagues and supervisors in hospitals of the adjustments needed to help her complete her time effectively and once again she was able to overcome the challenges she faced. However due to the current COVID-19 pandemic and the NHS being overwhelmed, opportunities in radiation therapy were limited and applying for other alternatives was difficult.

A JobCentrePlus employment advisor, referred Anna to Clarion for support, which Wesley Nolan happily provided. Wesley is a Deaf BSL user, who’s been supporting Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and other clients with disabilities into employment for the past 10 years.

Anna had a strong CV and a cover letter template, as well as working hard with her tutor to develop a personal statement alongside the latter. Wesley helped clarify her disability employment options and explained how the government Access to Work funding is available to overcome any barriers to landing jobs. With the help of her JCP work coach, a fresh graduate Anna was able to analyze job descriptions and personal specifications in vacancy posts, while mastering the STAR interview technique (Situation, Task, Action, Result) which proved to be an impressive asset for a successful job interview.

Confident and armed with her new job seeking skills, Anna was offered a work coach role herself at JCP in London. While waiting for her allocation in 1 of their 5 local offices, she received her professional medical body registration confirmation. And as more good news poured in, Anna learned through her networking and connections of vacancies opening up in a teaching hospital in London, which she applied for, and now looking at a role directly relevant to her degree as she always dreamed.

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