Clarion UK: Employment has been working continuously throughout Lockdown with British sign language users in London. Our CEC, Wesley Nolan interviewed Jayjay recently and here is his story.

As a 24 year old BSL user, Jayjay struggled for quite a long time to find permanent employment, regardless of a degree in Sports Coaching, and several short-termed work experience.

After his 3 months temporary contract with Amazon ended a couple of years ago, Jayjay managed to land another job with a food and restaurant supplies wholesaler as a delivery driver’s mate, yet unfortunately less than a year later, his employer closed the site and relocated, which forced Jayjay to jump back on the job hunting train.

The main obstacle was always communication. Although he relentlessly applied for jobs on Indeed and similar websites, Jayjay quite often received phone calls from prospective employers that he couldn’t answer. His brother was there to help whenever possible, yet still, Jayjay missed out on most of the jobs because he could not respond in time.

After his JobCentre Plus advisor referred him to Clarion who in turn assigned him to Deaf employment advisor Wesley Nolan things started easing up a bit. Wesley who is also a Deaf BSL user, has had BSL interpreters to support him in his work for the past 10 years and has built excellent relationships with retailers such as Sainsbury’s who have a Disability Recruitment Direct Hire scheme called You Can. Through which, suitable candidates are able to cut through lengthy online processes, and head straight to stores with vacancies for an interview with the department manager.

Jayjay and Wesley were able to find a vacancy at a Sainsbury store in Lewisham where the manager was happy to schedule an interview. 

With help from his BSL interpreter Sandra, Jayjay’s interview went well and he landed the job. Albeit that was only a temporary role, his CV now is stronger, and with Sandra phoning all Sainsbury stores in his area, they managed to find another vacancy in Sydenham where he is currently working and has his access to work funding set up and running.


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