Are you considering a career in legal interpreting? Or are you a BSL interpreter who wants to move onto court bookings? Have a read and see how you can take the next step in becoming a courtroom interpreter.

Clarion UK is a sole provider of British Sign Language (BSL) and communication services to The Ministry of Justice in magistrates, county and crown courts. We also work with Victim Support, the Crown Prosecution Service and a number of police authorities and solicitors around the UK. We will make sure that every deaf client going through a court process is able to have equality of access to proceedings; before during and after a trial, receiving legal aid or as a private client.

First, to become a court-approved interpreter you will need to be fully qualified and registered which means completing all courses up to level 6 BSL language or a university diploma, more details on this can be found here . Once you have displayed a high skill level of interpreting you can then become NRCPD registered.

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Once you have the qualifications it is always good to go out and gain some experience outside of the legal field, this will help you to develop as an interpreter and more than likely give you that added confidence in your abilities, which is crucial for the courtroom.

A court can be a scary place especially for an interpreter, the stakes may be high, and you need to be sure that the interpretation you are giving is clear, impartial and understood by the Deaf individual whilst adhering to the courtroom protocols.

Clarion Court Training can help, by giving you all the tools you need to confidently enter a courtroom. The course will take you through introductions into court interpreting as well as legal-specific language and upon completion, you will be granted court-approved status. More information on the course specifics can be found here as well as booking. This training will run you through the basics and aims to give you an added sense of safety and confidence to allow you to start to take legal bookings as a BSL Interpreter within the legal domain.

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