Clarion UK announce MoJ contract win for Non- Spoken Language Services

Support for SMEs from Central Government

Clarion UK, a Cambridge based company, are proud to announce that they signed the contract for sole supplier of BSL/English Interpreters, Lipspeakers, STTRs, Deaf and Deafblind Interpreters to the Ministry of Justice on 22nd August 2016.


Quality is critical. The work is going to a specialist SME rather than a generic provider and Clarion UK are experts within the field of non-spoken communication support. This means that we have quality at the forefront of everything that we do.


We have access to experienced trainers such as Tessa Padden, Marcel Hirshman and Clark Denmark, led by Byron Campbell, and will work with the best interpreters and teams across the country. Working only with registered and experienced suppliers we have developed a comprehensive programme of training from introductory sessions and language skills through the whole range of assignments covering mental health, courts, police and probation/prison to training around highly complex and challenging assignments. Our training courses will also incorporate input from a range of other professionals such as police, barristers and mental health experts.


Our training and ethos will be based on a shared set of values and principles so that when our interpreting teams are engaged, there is a mutual commitment to and expectation of active support, providing the base for the finest possible service. The training will run in conjunction with a programme of support that includes opportunities for co-working, shadowing, mentoring and observations. We will source guidance and support from all stakeholders including NRCPD, MoJ, VLP and ASLI and local groups of interpreters.


We understand the issues and concerns facing Non-Spoken Language Professionals including honouring terms and conditions such as cancellations, travel and minimum hours. We understand how they too strive for excellence. We are passionate that British Sign Language is not “just another language”, but that it does in fact link with a whole range of disability and equality issues which must not be ignored.


Sally Chalk, CEO of Clarion UK stated


“It’s time to deliver. We believe that Deaf people should have world class access to services and we will deliver in terms of fulfilment, training, speed and technology.


We are working with everyone to join us on our journey; we are committed to supporting the UK Justice sector to maintain its position as the best in the world, with equality for all at the forefront. Deaf people in Britain deserve the finest possible services when they access the criminal justice sector and we are committed to providing it.”


To find out more about how you can be involved, please contact Lorna Fairbairn on

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