4 Reasons to Give your Staff BSL Training

Do you have Deaf staff who work at your office? Do your staff regularly come into contact with Deaf BSL users?

Here are 4 great reasons to ask Clarion to give your staff BSL training:

You can improve access to your business and customer service by giving staff the opportunity to learn BSL. The training will make your staff more confident in interacting better with Deaf people

Training can be completely tailored to your own business environment, for example, if you are a GP practice you might want to learn signs that are related to health so your service is accessible to Deaf patients. If you employ Deaf staff you might want your course designed around inclusivity, so everyone feels like a member of the team.

You can really improve inclusion in the work place if hearing and Deaf colleagues can communicate with each other. Your staff attending a British Sign Language training course could be recognised as a ‘reasonable adjustment’ under the Equality Act 2010.

Learning BSL is a fun and enjoyable experience . One of our customers said “The basic (Sign Language) training provided a good insight into BSL and has given me the confidence to be able to communicate with my Deaf colleague and hold small conversations but also the will to learn more.”

Please visit our British Sign Language Training page to learn more about what Clarion can offer you.

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